MP Watts’ anger at benefit claim

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DAVE Watts MP has slammed a government report which suggested three in four sickness benefit claimants are faking illness.

The MP for St Helens North says he’s been inundated with letters from constituents who are “clearly incapable of engaging in meaningful full-time work”.

Mr Watts also says the new fitness for work test has caused many sick people further stress and anxiety.

He said: “While I have no problem with Department of Work and Pensions reviewing the benefit of existing claimants, it’s clear to me that the government’s policies are not aimed at helping people back to work but at removing them from sickness benefits.

“One constituent wrote to me to tell me of her despair after her husband was found fit to work. Her husband suffered a stroke seven years ago and also suffers from angina, retinopathy, a blocked artery in his heart, heart disease, hypertension, chronic kidney failure, arthritis and diabetes.

“No employer would be willing to employ a person with such medical conditions and it is clear to me that even with employment support my constituent’s husband would be unable to gain employment. I believe that the coalition government is trying to give the impression to the public that everyone who is on sickness benefit is faking their condition.”