MP backs call for new guardianship rules

St Helens South MP Marie Rimmer
St Helens South MP Marie Rimmer
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It’s time for the Governmet to act on guardianship for families of missing people, says St Helens MP Marie Rimmer.

She is backing calls for the Ministry of Justice to act on their previous commitment and bring forward urgent legislation to enable families to protect their missing loved one’s finances and property.

The Labour MP attended a debate in Westminster Hall about the introduction of a system of guardianship for the families of missing people were the Government fell short of setting a timetable for implementing the new legislation.

The charity Missing People has been campaigning with families of missing people for the introduction of the legislation, which will give them the legal right to manage their missing loved ones’ affairs whilst they are away.

The new legislation has also been backed by the banking, mortgage and insurance industries.

It has been a year since the Ministry of Justice announced that the government intended to press forward with the legislation although Dominic Raab MP, said that there was not “a specific date etched in stone” for the introduction of the legislation.

Ms Rimmer said: “Every year, 250,000 people, including hundreds of residents in St Helens and Knowsley go missing.

The current legislation often prevents families from dealing with their loved ones financial and legal affairs, putting homes at risk, presenting data protection challenges to legal and financial professionals and causing even more upset for families at an already difficult time.

“I’m proud to be supporting Missing People’s campaign on this vitally important issue and I have added my name to a motion in Parliament calling for urgent action from the Government.

It has been more than 12 months since families were told the Government would act but they have still not given a concrete timetable.