Motorist has a lucky escape

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A HAYDOCK man says he’s lucky to be alive after a horror crash in which his car overturned.

Les Evans suffered severe bruising to his back and lower body and still has difficulty sleeping weeks after the smash.

His wife Elizabeth and their dog, Charlie, were also in the car at the time but walked away relatively unscathed.

Mr Evans, 58, said: “We were just driving along the road when suddenly without warning the car was sent flying into the air.

“It didn’t feel like we had hit anything and we were not going fast. We’re just lucky to be alive.

“Our dog Charlie was sat in the front seat with Liz when it happened. When Liz managed to get herself out, she followed.

“Charlie was stunned but she wasn’t injured.”

The incident occurred on May 3 as the Evans, of Norman Avenue, were driving back from dropping off their daughter at a nearby riding school.

Their Fiat Bravo clipped a parked car as they travelled along Earle Street, flipping the vehicle onto its roof.

A CID officer, who happened to be passing at the time, was the first at the scene and he alerted a doctor from a nearby GPs’ surgery.

Mrs Evans managed to free herself but her husband was trapped in the vehicle and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Amid fears Mr Evans had suffered spinal injuries, the couple, who have been married for 27 years, were taken to Warrington Hospital.

Both were released on the same day, although Mr Evans is still receiving ongoing treatment for bruising to his ribs.

He said: “I’m chuffing like a steam engine because of the amount of pain I am in.

“They have got me on plenty of painkillers but it’s still pretty bad.

Mr Evans, a retired bus driver, went on: “There was a police detective who came to our aid and also a doctor who was also nearby. We know that without them it could have been so much worse so we really want to thank them for coming to our aid, they were really good to us.”