‘Mob’ promotes the Fairtrade message

Carmel College Fairtrade flashmob
Carmel College Fairtrade flashmob

CARMEL College has scooped a national Fairtrade award.

The Prescot Road college was saluted for organising a surprise “flashmob” event in which 30 dancers donned Fairtrade t-shirts in the canteen one ordinary Friday afternoon to spread the word about Fairtrade.

The group of dance and performance studies students had all eagerly volunteered to give up their lunchtimes to choreograph a synchronised routine.

And, in order to make the utmost impact, the routine started with just one dancer, then two, five, 10, 20 and finally 30!

The 300-strong lunchtime audience was left in a state of “shock, surprise and excitement” as the dancers chanted the word Fairtrade.

Business tutor Jennifer Taberner said: “It was amazing to witness such a spectacular event, which started with one student and created a domino effect that encapsulated the spirit of the Fairtrade movement.”

Among the student comments were “it made Fairtrade cool” and “it was nice to see everyone getting involved”.

The flashmob marked the finale of a fortnight of Fairtrade-related lessons, activities and events.

And it certainly left a lasting impression!