Mixed response to councillor’s call for bulky waste responsibility

Coun Terry Shields
Coun Terry Shields
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Comments from a senior councillor that residents should take more responsibility for what happens to their bulky waste has provoked a mixed reaction from Reporter readers.

Coun Terry Shields spoke out after a white van bed was caught red-handed illegally dumping rubbish on private land in the borough.

The case - which is currently under further investigation- is typical of the many recently reported incidents investigated by the councils Environmental Warden team which has led to a number of recent prosecutions and over 20 Fixed Penalty Notices being issued in the last two months - all but two at a rate of £400.

Coun Shields said: “All too often we’re hearing about requests on social media from residents wanting bulky rubbish collecting – but my question to them is: Do you know where your rubbish is going?

“People are legally obliged to know where their waste has gone, but if someone offers to take away your waste on the cheap – the chances are it’s too good to be true and it will end up being dumped illegally.

“My message to residents would be to always check the credentials of those offering to carry out removal work before agreeing to do so.”

But his comment sparked a debate on the Reporter’s Facebook page.

Lesley Hill posted: “I think that maybe most people are doing there best to recycle but the recycling collectors should be more respectful in not just throwing the blue and red bags all over the street and pick up any rubbish that’s has blown out of these bags in bad weather.”

Iris Owen wrote: “To be fair it shocks me how many people can’t bend down and pick the litter up from the front of their houses yes I agree it shouldn’t be there and the council are absolutely NOT doing enough to combat the problem especially with the current recycling bin we have but I do agree people seem to think it’s always someone else’s problem!”

However, Joan Cooper said some responsibility lay with the council for reducing bin collections.

She posted: “You stopped the collections. We pay enough council tax to pay for this service.”