Mike is honoured for digital drives

Mike Bracken
Mike Bracken
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A St Helens computing expert who has helped transform the Government’s digital prescene has been awarded a CBE.

The accolade was bestowed for Mike Bracken’s tireless efforts both as head of the Government’s digital services department in London and for his work developing football in Hackney.

Mike, 45, who grew up in Eccleston, now lives in Stoke Newington with his wife Abi and daughter Lili and is the chairman of Hackney football club - who he used to play for.

He is also deeply involved with the charitable organisation My Society.

His father Tom still lives in Eccleston, while elder brother Chris and family are settled in Northumberland.

Mike’s formal education was at St Julie’s and West Park schools, before he attended the University of West London.

He said: “While a lovely recognition, it is, of course, largely symbolic. I am delighted to accept it on behalf of others.

“Public services are delivered by more than 400,000 colleagues in the Civil Service, the vast majority working in front-line services under challenging conditions.

“In an era of public sector austerity they should take the plaudits.

“Introducing digital transformation to public services is a huge but necessary challenge at any time.

“On the football side, it has been a privilege to be chairman of Sporting Hackney FC for the last six years and a member since 1993/4.

“Its committee, past and present, should be applauded for how well this FA Charter club has represented the borough for 27 years. The recent signing of the Community Use Agreement between the club and Hackney Council to develop youth and adult football is a great commitment to community football.”

He added: “There are too many people to thank, so I will mention just one. My brother Chris. He received a military commendation in 1996. His work will always have more importance than mine. And I will always be his annoying kid brother.”

The investiture is set to take place at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, March 4.