Mersey council row over leadership vote

Council leader Barrie Grunewald has told Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson to grow-up
Council leader Barrie Grunewald has told Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson to grow-up
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Council boss Barrie Grunewald has branded his Liverpool counterpart “childish” in a row over the leadership of the region’s super-council.

Coun Grunewald hit out following threats from mayor Joe Anderson who said he was seeking legal advice about whether the city can withdraw from the combined authority.

Mayor Anderson (pictured below, right, alongside Coun Grunewald) is furious a vote to appoint the authority’s leader went ahead without him despite admitting he was late for the meeting.

Now Coun Grunewald has hit back, accusing the Liverpool Labour chief of “playing games” and revealed he had already threaten to quit to combined authority at earlier meeting.

“This shows Merseyside off in the worst possible light and again we appear dysfunctional all because one person will not accept the democracy of partnership and equal footing,” he said.

“It is very regretful that Mayor Anderson has responded in the way he has, all Labour Leaders were in the building from 10am and indeed he stated at our previous meeting he would be withdrawing Liverpool from the Combined Authority and not attend the meeting, that was a choice for him and I hope he now reflects on his actions.

“We have a 90,000 jobs deficit across the City Region and addressing that has to be our number one priority and not playing silly games. We are all grown ups and some people need to start acting like it!”

Mayor Anderson claimed the other Merseyside council leaders had “disrespected” him because he was “too big a personality”.

“This is such a missed opportunity instead of thinking and like a global city the city region leaders have engaged in a dysfunctional debate akin to toy town level politics,” he said.

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