McGinn: I will remain independent-minded

Conor McGinn MP
Conor McGinn MP
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St Helens North MP Conor McGinn has thanked voters for re-electing him to Parliament.

Mr McGinn was elected with a healthy majority as Labour enjoyed a resurgence in the polls.

He said: “I’m humbled to have been re-elected as the MP for St Helens North. I want to thank the 32,012 people across the constituency who have given me and the Labour Party a renewed and increased mandate.

“Our local campaign was positive and optimistic, but it didn’t shy away from taking on difficult issues and big challenges. It was based on simple premises: that Labour’s values are your values, that we will stick together and stand up for each other in tough times, and that we believe the best days for St Helens and our borough lie ahead.

“I want to thank all our local Labour activists and volunteers who were united, determined and committed. Their efforts brought about the superb result we had in St Helens North, with our vote share and our majority increasing significantly.

“Our fantastic national campaign led by Jeremy Corbyn, and our brilliant manifesto, showed that when we in Labour pull together we can move our party and our country in the right direction.

“We motivated young people and people who don’t normally vote to come out and support us. We may not have won last night but we can build on the progress we made to push on and win the next General Election, whether it comes in five months or five years.

“Theresa May went to the country to enhance her mandate to govern. She ran a campaign based on fear and hostility. Labour’s campaign in contrast was based on hope and solidarity. She now clings to power with her credibility in shreds and her legitimacy in question.

“I want to assure everyone in St Helens North that I will keep being the independent-minded, community-focused Labour MP who is a strong voice for our area in Westminster.”