Mary’s anger tree is chopped down

Mary Diamond pictured in her garden with the vandalised tree
Mary Diamond pictured in her garden with the vandalised tree
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AN angry homeowner has told of her shock after part of her garden’s feature tree was mysteriously chopped down.

Mary Bolton returned to her home on Field Way, Rainhill, last month to find part of her “beautiful” apple blossom tree had been cut down and left strewn across her back garden.

Mrs Bolton, 49, says tell-tale saw marks on the tree indicate that the thick branch was not simply blown down by the wind.

She told the St Helens Reporter: “I went into the house at about 11am on the Saturday and, as I walked in, noticed that the tree had been chopped down in my back garden. I was fuming.

“This beautiful tree has been an integral part of this property for as long as we’ve lived here and must be at least 20 years old.

“I called my husband straight away and then spoke to the police. I can’t believe someone thinks they have the right to trespass on my land and chop down this tree.”

Mrs Bolton, who works on the St Helens Reporter’s advertising team, added: “I understand that people are quite entitled to prune a tree which encroaches onto their land but this branch was nowhere near anybody else.

“The police have been out to see us and I want whoever did this to be found out and punished.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that this matter was reported to us. The criminal damage relates to the main branch of a tree being chopped down and is believed to have taken place sometime around May 23.

“At this stage it has been classed as a civil matter because the remainder of the tree is still healthy.”