Man killed step-dad in revenge attack

Michael Fennah
Michael Fennah
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A man who ran over and killed his stepfather had been sexually abused by the victim as a child.

Nathan Kenny, 33, had been due to stand trial for the murder of Michael Fennah last week following a hit and run attack in Whiston last December.

Nathan Kenny

Nathan Kenny

But he instead admitted manslaughter, saying he lost control of himself because of what Mr Fennah, 52, had done to him in the past - which had left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Mr Fennah had married Kenny’s mother in the early 1990s when the defendant was just 13.

But the relationship had been abusive from day one and Kenny not only witnessed his mum being abused - he later suffered abuse himself.

Although the marriage did not last long, the court heard Mr Fennah continued to taunt Kenny when their paths crossed.

On December 16 last year, Kenny discovered Mr Fennah’s son had sent his five-year-old niece a Christmas card - but suspected it had, in fact, been penned by Mr Fennah.

The next day Kenny drove into the back of Mr Fennah in his Renault Megane when the victim left his home on Scott Avenue, Whiston, to go to the local shop.

Mr Fennah was thrown to the floor and Kenny then drove over him.

According to one witness he then turned the car around and drove back over Mr Fennah without braking before reversing over him as many as four or five times - a claim challenged by defence lawyer Nicholas Johnson.

Judge David Aubrey accepted that Kenny, of Braemar Close, Whiston, had a “justifiable sense of being severely wronged”.

He jailed him for three years.