Man impaled on chair

A ST Helens man was hospitalised after he became impaled on a child’s high chair.

Emergency crews were called out to a house on the High Street in Newton-le-Willows shortly after 6.30pm last Wednesday (March 16).

The occupier, 33-year-old quantity surveyor Matthew Dellar, had somehow slipped and become impaled on a foldable high chair while moving items out of the upstairs of the property.

A Fire Service spokeswoman said: “The casualty was upstairs when he slipped onto the high chair and the plastic covering broke. As a result of the fall, he became impaled on a section of metal tubing which went into his lower back.”

Firefighters from Newton-le-Willows Fire Station joined forces with paramedics to cut the father-of-two free from the main body of the chair before he was taken to Warrington Hospital for surgery - with part of the metal pole still sticking into his back.

An Ambulance Service spokeswoman confirmed: “When we arrived at the scene the man had a metal spike stuck in the bottom of his back. He was taken to Warrington Hospital and, because of the nature of his injury, the hospital was put on standby prior to his arrival.

“Our paramedics say that he was fully conscious and alert throughout and his injury was not thought to be life-threatening. However, as with any impalement injury, it’s important to get it seen to as soon as possible to ward off the possibility of infection.”