Man headbutted wife in booze-fuelled rage

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A St Helens man who rated his own drunkenness as “11 out of 10” admitted headbutting his wife after flying into a booze-fuelled rage.

Wayne Round admitted assaulting his wife, Paula, at their Sutton home shortly before midnight on October 24.

St Helens Magistrates’ Court heard how the defendant, 51, had struggled to cope following the death of his brother.

Angela Blackmore, prosecuting, told how Mrs Round noticed that her husband was “a bit off” when she returned home from work at about 4pm that day.

To avoid a confrontation she went to bed for an hour while the defendant went out.

When he returned, carrying a pint bottle of vodka, he became verbally aggressive so she went out - again to avoid a confrontation.

But when she returned to their Carnegie Crescent home at about 11.30pm she found that the house had been “smashed up” and there was glass all over the floor.

Thinking Round had gone to bed Mrs Round settled down on the sofa to keep out of the way, only for the defendant to come in, grab her and headbutt her.

Mrs Round was forced to flee the house and call the police.

She told officers that her husband was in such a rage that he didn’t even seem to realise he had assaulted her.

Mrs Round was left nursing a swollen lip and also suffered some bleeding - but told police that, despite being assaulted, she was mainly concerned for her husband’s welfare.

In interview, Round said he could not recall what had happened because he had started drinking vodka at 2pm that day.

He said he didn’t remember smashing up the house or headbutting his wife, but rated himself as “11 out of 10” for drunkenness.

Frank Roe, defending, told how his client had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity on the full prosecution version of events - despite having no recollection of the incident.

He suggested that the case was suitable for community disposal.

Magistrates agreed but asked for the probation service to prepare a pre-sentence report.

Round is due to be sentenced on November 26 and was granted conditional bail.