Man found fiancee in bed with another man hours after engagement party

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A jilted lover caught his fiancee in bed with another man just hours after the couple argued at their engagement party, a court has heard.

Peter Hodgson’s attack upon his perceived love rival, Paul Hickey, left him unconscious and suffering from a fractured jaw, eye socket and nose.

He also turned his anger on his fiancee, Katie Griffiths, and twice slapped her and then kicked the still unconscious Mr Hickey twice in the head.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that fortunately Mr Hickey, who had only ended up at the house to help Miss Griffiths get in, did not need surgery and Miss Griffiths and Hodgson have been reconciled.

Hodgson, 26, of Wargrave Road, Newton-le-Willows, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and common assault.

He was further remanded on bail to await sentence next month.

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, said that on September 7 last year Hodgson and Miss Griffiths celebrated their engagement at the Alder Root Golf Club, on the outskirts of Newton, with about 60 relatives and friends.

About 1am the couple, in drink, rowed as Miss Griffiths suspected him of carrying on with her sister and she set off home with a couple of friends.

En route they called into Rosie’s Bar in Earlestown where Miss Griffiths bumped into an old school friend Paul Hickey.

She realised she did not have the keys to get into her home and because Mr Hickey was “small and agile” she asked him to help her get into her property.

He was able to barge the door open for her and went inside for a drink and they ended up on her bed where Hodgson found them, Mr Hickey fully dressed but Miss Griffiths partly clad, said Mr Stephenson.

“He exacted some vengeance and punched Mr Hickey repeatedly.

Katie Griffiths threw herself in the way to try to prevent further assault and he slapped her a couple of times and then kicked the unconscious Mr Hickey in the head twice,” he said.

She fled outside to the home of a neighbour who found her there being held by the hair by Hodgson.

The police arrived and arrested him and on the way to the police station he said they deserved it as she had found another man behind his back.