Man arrested after police chase drama

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POLICE have arrested a man after complaints of a scrambler bike terrorising residents near wasteland in Parr and Sutton Manor.

The man was arrested following a dramatic police chase.

A number of residents had previously complained to police about a bike tearing across land near their homes.

In response, officers mounted an operation and quickly identified an offending biker.

A police squad bike patrol was then dispatched to the scene and a brief chase ensues before a man was boxed into a supermarket car park.

Officers seized a vehicle and have since had it crushed.

The arrested man was detained and summonsed on the rarely-used charge of ‘wanton and furious driving on common land’ and other document breaches.

Coun Richard McCauley, cabinet member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities, said: “We are sending a strong message out that anti social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. It brings misery to communities and we will strive to deal swiftly with such behaviour.”

Insp Derek Riley said riders who broke the law would have their machines seized and would be reported for any offences, so it was like a “double whammy” , meaning they did not escape the court process even after they have had their bikes removed and crushed.

The police were alerted by reports of a Green Monster bike.