Majority of children get parents’ top school choice

Barrie Grunewald
Barrie Grunewald
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St Helens is bucking the national trend after 97.5 per cent of chidren in the borough got into their parents’ top three choices of primary school.

Figures released from the Department of Education in June last year confirmed St Helens was the fourth highest in the whole of the North West region for allocating parents their first choice primary school in 2015.

Every parent or guardian who applied this year has been offered a place for September 2016. Furthermore, the 2.5 per cent (52 applications from 2,080) who did not achieve one of their three preferences is even lower than last year (3.16 per cent or 64 applicants).

Although this year’s results have decreased slightly compared to last year’s performance of 90.52 per cent of applicants receiving their first choice, 89.66 per cent of parents were still granted their first preference (1865), while the overall number of applicants increased from 2026 to 2080.

St Helens Council’s Senior Assistant Director for School Effectiveness, Jo Davies, said: “Once again, our Admissions Team and schools have worked exceptionally hard to achieve these excellent results.

“Parents and guardians can be reassured that in the overwhelming majority of cases they will get a place at their first choice school.

“If any parent or guardian has a continuing concern about the place their child has been allocated, I would ask them to contact the Admissions Team on either 01744 671035 in order to resolve matters.”