Locals dig deep to help Steve out of a hole ...

WHEN a newly wed from St Helens lost his wedding ring on a beach whilst on holiday he thought the honeymoon period would almost certainly be over.

But thanks to the help of a local radio station, he managed to find the ring which was of great sentimental value.

Steve Warren, 29, of Womack Gardens, St Helens, was enjoying a much-deserved break with some colleagues on Bournemouth beach when his wedding band flew off during a ball game.

Despite a five-hour search, the ring , which his late mother Sue wore at her wedding, remained buried somewhere on the beach.

But luckily, mother-in-law, Kathy Wallis, from Milton Keynes, called The Bay 102.8 on Steve’s behalf, asking for an appeal to be put out on-air.

But station boss Alan Coote went one better: He lent Steve his metal detector and the ring was uncovered in an hour, much to the relief of Steve and his bride Katie, 25.

Steve, a telecoms engineer, said: “I’ll be honest, I was very surprised a total stranger would lend a Scouser anything!

“But Alan was totally trusting and I wouldn’t have found the ring without his help.

“Thanks to my mother-in-law getting in touch with the station I’ve got the ring back.

“It’s a family heirloom and my wife Katie is so relieved. We were only married last year.”

Alan Coote, from the Bournemouth based radio station, said: “I was only too happy to help Steve. The metal detector was a gift I’ve only used twice and only managed to find enough coins to cover the car park fee! That Steve could recover something so precious as his wedding band is a very happy ending to the story.”