Local election results in full

St Helens Election Count at St Helens town hall
St Helens Election Count at St Helens town hall

LABOUR enjoyed a successful election night, winning five seats as their Liberal Democrats and Conservative rivals lost four and one each.

The make up of the council is now Labour (40 ), Liberal Democrats ( 5) and Conservatives (3).

The full results were:

Billinge and Seneley Green

Bacon, A (Lab) 1802 (elected)

Hodgson, ME (Con) 536

Peers P (Ind) 371

Rahman, S E (Green) 140

Turn out: 31.8%


Collins, J M (Con) 258

Cunliffe, A (Lab) (elected) 2005

Finney, E (Green) 321

Turn out 30.8%


Hargreaves, T Lab (elected) 1560

Hughes, D G Green 177

Roberts, MA Lib Dem 220

Woodcock, B E Con 144

Turn out: 27%


Banawich, B Green 192

Preston, C Lab (elected) 1676

Skeech, DL Con 218

Smith, DJ Lib Dem 239

Turn out: 28.2%


Barton, K S Con 365

Johnson, M B A Lab 1122

Sims, TV Lib Dem (elected) 1961

Williams, F J Green 323

Turn out: 40.6%


Brownlow, A D Green 270

Burns, A J Lab (elected) 2132

Rigby, A F Con 310

Turn out: 30%

Moss Bank

Donnelly, I E Green 144

Harvey, M H E Con 115

Kavanagh, C A Ind 1135

Lynch, P M J Lab (elected) 1628

Turn out: 35%


Gomez-Aspron, S Lab (elected) 1453

Honey, B Con 168

Knight, S Lib Dem 1349

Shacklady-Smith, A Green 138

Turn out: 36.1%


Bowden, A J Lab (elected) 1601

Brown, P Lib Dem 120

Claffey, C Green 104

Wilcock, M P Con 76

Turn out:21%


Aspinall, K P Lab 980

Fitzpatrick, W Green 210

Nichols, R H C Con (elected) 1381

Turn out: 38.5%


Banawich, S F Green 341

Grunewald, B Lab (elected) 2088

Reynolds, R S Con 685

Turn out: 35%


Clayton, P R BNP 124

Jackson, D J Lab (elected) 1765

Parr, D N Green 106

Pyke, C Con 61

Spencer, B T Lib Dem 901

Turn out: 32.5%

Thatto Heath

Atherton, K K Green 187

Pearl, C Lib Dem 124

Seddon, S Lab (elected) 1857

Spriggs, H J P Con 178

Telford, P BNP 136

Turn out: 25.7%

Town Centre

Barton, R W Con 102

Bentham, L J BNP 131

Brodie, W M F Green 96

Dickinson, D H SEP 68

Ollerhead, J M Lib Dem 239

Willmitt, J Lab (elected) 1502

Turn out:25.9%

West Park

Ayres, R C Lab (elected) 1992

Donnelly, A J Green 286

Foster, D A Con 248

Stanley, M Lib Dem 185

Turn out: 30.6%


Cunliffe, J P Con 687

Donnelly, A W Green 386

Robinson, S R Lab (elected) 1417

Turn out: 30.8%