Lib Dems appoint ‘youngest ever’ local group leader

Knowsley Liberal Democrat leader Carl Cashman
Knowsley Liberal Democrat leader Carl Cashman
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Knowsley’s Lib Dem’s have appointed Prescot town councillor Carl Cashman to lead the borough-wide group.

Mr Cashman, aged 24, is believed to be one of the youngest politicians to take up such a leadership role in the country.

He first emerged on the local politics scene in 2013 when he was elected to represent the Prescot West ward in the town centre.

He has since combined politics with his studies at Liverpool University, where he is working towards a masters degree in politics and philosophy.

He follows former Prescot council and retired teacher Ian Smith, who previously held the post.

“I feel extremely humbled to follow in Ian’s footsteps and I am so grateful for his and Mike’s support,” said Mr Cashman.

“Importantly, I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the people of Prescot and Knowsley, providing the area with a true opposition voice in the Council Chamber.

“I, like many others, am tired of the way that politics is being conducted in our community and I want that to change.

“That is why the liberal opposition will provide a passionate, evidence based approach to opposition and to local politics in general here.

“We must challenge Labour’s record on the Greenbelt, education, the loss of local amenities and the poor treatment of Prescot and the wider community.

“Since Thursday many people have already approached us to work on their behalf. I have been contacted by hundreds of local residents with concerns.

“We have also had many people join the party in the hope of taking this fight back further. I welcome those new members and I ask others to join us as we stand up and fight for the local community.

“I ask for people’s patience as I grow into the role. I place honesty and kindness before political brutality and slanging matches.

“I place logical arguments and faith in people before political tribalism. My leadership will be very different, particularly from Knowsley Labour.

“A big role and a big responsibility, but one I am ready for.”