Lewis happy challenging perceptions

Lewis Hancox.
Lewis Hancox.
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For Lewis Hancox, television and film inspired him into making some of the biggest and most challenging decisions of his life.

So it is no surprise that the talented film-maker, who was born a girl, should turn to the small screen as a dream career.

Transsexual Lewis, who hails from St Helens, is making a name for himself after leaving his hometown to pursue his dream of a career in film-making following his appearance on a documentary exploring his lifestyle on Channel 4.

Currently in the second year of his BA (Hons) studies in Digital Film and Video at London South Bank University, Lewis’ documentary film New Genderation is currently being featured on the BBC’s website, as part of the BBC Fresh initiative – with the possibility of being broadcast on BBC 3.

Lewis says appearing on Channel 4’s reality show My Transsexual Summer, gave him the confidence and the drive to better his life.

He said: “One topic we wanted to tackle was the world’s perception of gender, being transgender ourselves it’s something we feel passionate about. So we created the film project My Genderation just under a year ago now.

“The films explore gender variant individuals in a way that the mainstream media have never done before. It’s an independent project with a zero budget but we put our heart and souls into each film and have met many amazing people along the way.”