Langtree Park move ‘a financial success’

St Helens rugby league club's home, 'Langtree Park
St Helens rugby league club's home, 'Langtree Park

Saints chiefs have issued an upbeat bulletin on the club’s finances following the move to Langtree Park - despite admitting that 2013 had been a “challenging” year both on and off the field.

Lacklustre performances at Langtree Park, an early Challenge Cup exit and the club’s contracted caterer going into administration have all hit the club’s finances this year.

But, compared to the year spent playing at Widnes, 2012 proved far more profitable.

Club chairman Eamonn McManus revealed: “The group operating loss for 2012 was £892,170, a significant improvement on the equivalent loss of £2,430,041 for 2011.

“Despite the club relocating to Langtree Park, with its improved revenue opportunities, a third of the way through the financial year, the financial performance in 2012 was creditable.

“Group turnover also improved materially to £5,798,309 for 2012, from £4,399,220 for the previous year.

“This was principally due to improved season ticket and gate receipts and corporate hospitality and event income arising from the move to Langtree Park.”

This year’s purse strings have also been hit by the cost of adding extra cladding to Langtree Park’s North, West and East stands.

Mr McManus added: “The current financial year is challenging, mainly due to an early exit from the Challenge Cup and disappointing playing results in Super League.

“After our contracted caterer, EMC, went into administration in March 2013, we have taken the catering operation in-house and this is already showing improved results which will come to full fruition in 2014. Overall, the underlying revenue trends are all very encouraging.”