Lanfill site could save millions

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MILLIONS of pounds are set to be saved on the cost of landfill courtesy of a new 30-year waste recovery deal.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA), chaired by St Helens councillor Joe De Asha, announced this week that its preferred bidder for the region’s 30-year resource and recovery contract would help save a staggering £145m.

The deal, worth more than £1bn, was handed to Sita –who will operate a new energy from waste facility in Teeside – following a meeting earlier this month.

It is hoped that the deal will see 90 per cent of the borough’s residual waste diverted away from landfill, thereby ensuring that European Union recycling targets are met.

Coun Joe De Asha said: “The appointment of Sita as our preferred bidder marks the beginning of an important new chapter in the way Merseyside and Halton deals with its waste resources.

“I believe that the solution we have chosen is the best for the environment - saving natural resources, generating green electricity and providing value for money for Merseyside and Halton council tax payers.”

Fifty jobs are set to be created at Sita’s energy from waste facility at the Wilton International site in the North East.

A further 25 jobs are set to be created in Kirkby at the Potter Group Rail Freight Terminal, which will be used for the transportation of waste.

MRWA chief executive Carl Beer added: “We are extremely pleased to have progressed to this stage. I’m confident that we can now work towards putting our plans in place and concentrate on providing future generations with an effective and sustainable waste solution.”