Landlord’s ordeal at hands of armed gang

Phil Guest, landlord of the Holts Arms, Crank Road, Billinge, which was robbed
Phil Guest, landlord of the Holts Arms, Crank Road, Billinge, which was robbed
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A PUB landlord has spoken of his family’s terrifying ordeal after a gang of masked and armed men burst into his premises.

Phil Guest, who runs the Holts Arms in Billinge, came face-to-face with the group wearing balaclavas and scarves, wielding crowbars and screwdrivers during the disturbances.

The gang used a fire escape to break into Phil’s personal accommodation above the pub, where he and his two-year-old daughter were sleeping, and stole a substantial amount of money including staff wages and tips from the bank holiday.

No one was injured, but Phil says the burglary - on Wednesday, April 2 at around 6am - has left his family extremely shocked and scared.

Phil, 35, said: “I woke up and realised they were in the room behind me. I made a lot of noise and started banging on the door. I opened it and two guys confronted me, but then they ran away across the car park.

“It was quite terrifying and I’ve never had an incident where people have got into my private accommodation before.

“To have your personal space broken into is everyone’s worst nightmare.

“It’s been devastating for my family and a lot of the regulars and customers have taken it very personally as well. It was also a blow to the staff who’ve worked so hard over the bank holiday and all their tips and takings are gone.”

After stealing the money the men departed and drove off in a black Audi estate.

n Anyone with any information should call police on 0161 856 7188.