Lancashire Hotpots targeted by thief at concert

The Lancashire Hotpots
The Lancashire Hotpots

St Helens comedy folksters The Lancashire Hotpots have taken a swipe at a light-fingered fan who stole a cardboard cut-out of the band’s lead singer.

The band, whose hits include Chippy Tea and He’s Turned Emo, were playing a live show at the Viva in Blackpool last weekend as part of a series of concerts to mark their 10 years as a group when the thief struck.

After the show, they were less than pleased to discovered a cardboard cut-out of singer Bernard Thresher had been pinched following an aftershow party held for the group to meet with fans.

They later tweeted: So a sarcastic #thanksforthat to the p***k who stole our cardboard @BernardThresher last night. Stay at home in future you’re not welcome.

“We work hard keep the cost as low as we can, meet the fans at every show and our reward is theft.

“It’s the second time in three gigs we’ve has summat robbed.”

The core members of the group meet while working at St Helens College.

They formed the Hotpots in 2004 after several years performing in various different groups.