Lana Del Ray meets Kate Bush - the sing-songwriter coming to St Helens

Anna Madsen
Anna Madsen

Award-winning singer-songwriter Anna Madsen will be heading to St Helens on her latest tour.

Madsen, who received a songwriter of the year nomination and performed on ITV’s Christmas Carols, will play the Citadel on April 22.

Musically, Anna has been described as “Lana Del Rey meets Kate Bush meets Enya,” but ultimately her music is completely her own and expands beyond one genre.

The singer-songwriter takes inspiration from classic romanticism, fairy tales, and her own personal experiences, using storytelling through music as a way to create worlds that listeners can enter and completely absorb.

Anna’s Mormon heritage influenced her music greatly and while she is currently not active in the church, she acknowledges that it was a vital part of her personal and musical identity.

She believes that our personalities reflect the dark and light in each of us and track ‘Pioneer Hymn’ is just as representative of Anna as much as darker ‘Black Dress’ is.