Labour hold St Helens

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In St Helens, the two Labour MPs were returned with larger majorities than before.

Marie Rimmer in St Helens South and Whiston and Conor McGinn in St Helens North both increased their majorities from 2015.

Mrs Rimmer polled 35,879, up more than eight per cent from two years ago, and Mr McGinn took 32,012 votes, up more than six per cent.

The big loser in both constituencies was the UKIP vote, where both Mark Hitchen and Peter Peers were down by more than 10 per cent.

Mr McGinn said: “This is a good night for the Labour Party in St Helens.

“I’m honoured - our majority and vote share is up.

“We ran a positive campaign here. We believe despite all challenges to public services we believe our best days lie ahead and that is the message that went out nationally too.

“It’s an interesting night nationally but there is a long way to go yet.”

Mrs Rimmer said: “The last seven years have been tortuous – let’s drive these Tories out of this country.

“Austerity has to go.

“People in this constituency need a fair share.”