Killer facing life for Sam Cook's murder

Sam Cook was killed while out celebrating his 21st birthday
Sam Cook was killed while out celebrating his 21st birthday

A man has been found guilty of murdering a reveller out celebrating his 21st birthday.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court has convicted Carl Madigan of Adam Close in Garston of murdering Sam Cook in the Empire nightclub in Liverpool’s Hanover Street in the early hours of October 21, 2017.

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The court heard that Madigan had taken a knife into the club, hidden in his sock. There had been an altercation in the club and Madigan had taken the knife out of his sock and used it to stab Sam Cook in the heart.

Madigan was later seen disposing of the knife in a drain in an alleyway in the city centre.

Sam Cook had been celebrating his 21st on the night he was killed and had earlier shared a meal with his family in the Alma De Cuba restaurant in nearby Seel Street.

Madigan had earlier checked into the Picture House apartments before coming to the Empire and had been drinking and taking drugs with friends before the incident.

Madigan was identified by witnesses and on CCTV at the nightclub. He was arrested and pleaded guilty to manslaughter and possession of a knife but denied murder.

Nicky Inskip is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service and was the reviewing lawyer in the case.

She said: “Carl Madigan thrust a blade into Sam Cook’s chest and showed no shock or remorse.

“Madigan was caught on CCTV disposing of the knife and was also seen to re-enact the killing to his friends in the hours following the tragedy – clearly boasting about what he had done.

“The nature of his actions were enough to satisfy me that he intended to kill Mr Cook or cause him grievous bodily harm. On this basis, the Crown Prosecution service refused to accept his plea to manslaughter and proceeded to a trial for murder.

“The jury have agreed with the CPS and found Madigan guilty of the murder of an innocent young man out celebrating his birthday. The Crown Prosecution Service extends condolences to his family at this very difficult time."