Keep out or get crushed!

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POLICE in St Helens have issued a stern warning to quad and motorbike riders - Stay away from our parks and open spaces.

Officers say the lighter nights have prompted an upsurge of complaints about in off-road nuisance.

And they warn offenders they run the risk of having their machines confiscated and crushed if they’re caught.

Now police are working with officials at St Helens Council developing a hard-hitting campaign to hammer home the message.

Councillor Richard McCauley, cabinet member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities, said: “The Safespace campaign is an annual event, but this year there will be a real focus on parks and other areas where residents have raised concerns about anti-social behaviour and off-road vehicle nuisance.

“Riding any motorbike, quad bike or mini-moto off-road on public land, parks, pavements, waste ground or footpath in St Helens is illegal.”

“ - and will not be tolerated.”

Report any the non-emergency number on 101 or St Helens Council Safer Communities Anti-Social Behaviour Unit on 01744 673114.