Kathleen is still chasing her African Dream

Kathleen Galloway is planning a dream trip to Africa
Kathleen Galloway is planning a dream trip to Africa

A BUSINESSWOMAN is set to make an emotional return to Africa this month - three years after her beloved husband died while on holiday there.

African Dream boss Kathleen Galloway’s husband of 38 years, Kevin, 58, died of a massive heart attack while the couple were on holiday in South Africa in 2007.

Although he suffered from cerebellar ataxia, a condition which affected his eye movements and muscle control, his death came as a terrible shock.

Kathleen, 59, hasn’t been able to return to Cape Town since.

She said: “Kevin just loved everything about Africa. He was always watching wildlife programmes on TV and, eventually, he persuaded me to go out there with him. I wasn’t keen at first, but, when we went out there, it was wonderful. The scenery takes your breath away. I was really glad he twisted my arm!

“Kevin always thought it would be lovely for us to run a business which helped to support people in Africa and brought the products created by their high-quality workmanship over here. It was this that inspired me to give up my job and start African Dream.”

African Dream sells intricately hand-crafted jewellery, stoneware and wooden products produced by talented African artists and craftsmen.

Kathleen is set to meet with her suppliers when she flies out to Nairobi, Kenya, on January 10 before travelling through South Africa as part of her five-week trip.

She is also set to make a video about the process involved in creating her finished products and is keen to form partnerships with two orphanages - one for babies and toddlers and one for seven-14-year-olds - in a bid to set up a long-term support strategy.

Kathleen, of Whiston, a mother-of-three and grandmother-of-seven, added: “I have been visiting Africa for a number of years and besides my business making a difference to the local economy, I also wanted to do something for the future of the children too, many of whom have been orphaned through HIV.

“I will be taking the children baby clothes, football kits donated by both Everton and Liverpool football clubs, pens, pencils, chalks and colouring books.”

n To lend your support to Kathleen or to order a product from African Dream, call 07735 416692 or go online at: www.africandream.uk.com