Kate’s talking to the big country

Dr Kate O'Leary
Dr Kate O'Leary
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A ST Helens College lecturer has been invited to speak at a prestigious Canadian university.

Dr Kate O’Leary will deliver a talk on Paul’s Cross, a forerunner of speaker’s corner in Hyde Park.

She will also deliver a paper on poet John Donne, who gave open-air sermons at Paul’s Cross.

Dr O’Leary said: “I gave a paper on Renaissance poetry and religion last year at Birmingham University and had the pleasure of meeting Torrance Kirby, Professor of Renaissance Studies at McGill University.

“Torrance contacted me a couple of months ago and invited me to give a paper at the conference at McGill University.”

McGill University is one of the biggest universities in Canada with over 37,000 students and currently boasts six Nobel Prize winners among their alumni.

Dr O’Leary has been lecturing at St Helens College for over 20 years and currently teaches English Literature as part of the BA (Hons) in Culture, Mind and Modernity.

She added: “I enjoy writing papers and attending national and international events.

“It is a privilege to attend McGill University and I am excited to visit the city of Montreal for the first time.”