Junior democrats

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POLITICIANS are often accused of behaving like children.

But there was no cheap political point-scoring when dozens of primary school youngsters took part in special junior democracy debates at St Helens Town Hall.

Split into red, green, yellow and blue groups, Year 6 youngsters from 44 local primary schools led two days of debates in the council chamber.

In the debate last Thursday lunch time (June 21), which was overseen by Mayor of St Helens Geoff Almond, each group made presentations of ideas under the theme “Be The Best”.

One group wanted to introduce a new health and fitness programme in schools, while another wanted to create a confidence-building after-school performing arts club.

The other two groups wanted to introduce Foundation For Life career workshops and a fundraising fancy dress Fun Dash at the Saints stadium.

Each idea was then grilled by opposing teams before a secret ballot in the Town Hall’s election count room.

Organiser Julie Dunning said: “This is our fifth annual junior democracy debate and, once again, it has been an overwhelming success.

“The aim is to give the children a clear understanding of how democracy works, but also to listen to what they have to say. We want them to be ready for work and ready for life as they move into secondary school and beyond.”