Johnny Vegas’ wife blasts ‘pregnancy scare-mongering’

Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy
Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy
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Johnny Vegas’ pregnant wife has hit out at “scare-mongering” over expectant mothers who drink.

Maia Dunphy is expecting the couple’s first child and admits to still enjoying the occasion glass of wine.

But the 38-year-old says pregnant women are judged harshly if they indulge in the odd tipple.

Speaking to the Sunday World magazine, she said: “It’s not just the baby who invades you, it’s everybody else.

“Everyone has got opinions and the scare-mongering is crazy.”

Previously, Maia filmed two documentaries on the subject of woman and alcohol.

Of drinking during pregnancy she added, “I’m not drinking drinking, but I’m probably having one or two drinks a week, like a glass of wine with Sunday lunch or a beer.

“But people look at you and go ‘Oh you’re having a drink? I thought you were pregnant’.

“And then the judgemental stares begin. I’m not taking heroin, I’m having one drink. So I tend to ignore them now.”