John hits back at cutting remarks

Avanti Hair salon owner John Beirne with a copy of the book You are Awful But I Like You.
Avanti Hair salon owner John Beirne with a copy of the book You are Awful But I Like You.

A WELL-known St Helens hairdresser is less than pleased after he discovered he had been made an unwitting star of Tim Moore’s new book.

John Beirne, who runs Avanti Hair Salon in Westfield Street, was stunned to learn he featured in You Are Awful But I Like You.

The St Helens Reporter broke the news to a shocked John, who has won numerous awards during his 25 year career.

Moore made an undercover visit Avanti for a trim after learning about John’s turn on the TV show Britain’s Worst Hairdresser.

In the book, Moore says John only made a fleeting appearance during his time waiting for a snip in the shop.

And he describes how he is baffled as to why a professional with a long-standing reputation would appear on a TV show with such a title.

But after reading through the pages featuring himself, John was less than happy with the portrait of his thriving salon.

“The opportunity arose for the Channel 5 programme and it was all ‘tongue in cheek’ and more importantly, it helped raise money for charity by making a follow-up DVD and a live show in Manchester,” said John, who is also a councillor for the town centre ward.

“It’s a great pity that the author entered Avanti just as I was leaving. I’m sure I could have given him more exciting material.”

He went on: “I have always seen most of my days in the salon as a show. People don’t want ‘how is the weather’ or ‘where are you going on holiday’. They want fun, excitement and conversation - and a visit to Avanti is never boring.

“If Mr Moore makes an appointment, next time I can fill his next book in one afternoon in my salon. It’s nice to be written about, and the salon, even if I feel now that I’ve missed out.”