Jailed: Raiders who went on £100,000 theft spree

Jailed: Paul Williams
Jailed: Paul Williams

A LEIGH man was part of an 11-man burglary gang that has been jailed for a total of 55 years.

Paul Williams, 38, of Windermere Road, was given a sentence of four years and four months for his part in a £100,000 spree involving at least 15 break-ins across the North West in less than two months.

They were so determined that they used sledgehammers to smash their way in to some shops and showed absolutely no signs of stopping


On June 7 last year they stole a Mini Countryman car from a house in Bramhall and a week later took a Black Volkswagen Golf from an address Crescent Road, Portwood, Stockport. The group then used the vehicles to transport them on their crime wave which spanned Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

In some instances the group used heavy duty equipment, such as angle grinders and sledgehammers, to force their way into the premises, which were mainly shops, from where they stole alcohol and cigarettes. Cash machines were also targeted at banks and off-licences, where electric saws were used to cut through the lock and back doors to the machines.

In total they stole more than £100,000 of cash and goods and caused approximately £52,000 worth of damage to the premises they burgled.

All 11 men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary at Manchester Crown Court.

PC Richard McCorry said: “This group organised and orchestrated a burglary spree that spanned across the North West. They were so determined that they used sledgehammers to smash their way in to some shops and showed absolutely no signs of stopping. I hope these sentences show the lengths we will go to, to stop organised criminals from blighting our communities and damaging people’s lives and businesses.”

The other defendants and their sentences were as follows:

David Matthews, 29, of Taylors Road, Stretford was jailed for five years six months. Shaun James, 28, of Malham Court, Stockport, received a five-year sentence. Liam McCormack, 30, of Trent Close, Stockport, was imprisoned for three years six months. Leon Whalley, 30, of Rowsley Road, Stretford, was another sentenced to five years in in prison. Stefan Moores, 26, of Northumberland Road, Stockport, was given four years and six months. Konor Cosgrove, 24, of Greenwood Gardens, Bredbury; Aaron Maguire, 24, of Northgate Road, Edgley; and Ryan Hamilton, 24) of Bradshaw Lane, Stretford, were all jailed for five years. Nathan Bellfield, 23, of Robinson Street, Edgeley was handed a six-year sentence. And Phillip Clarke, 28, of Lymm Close, Bridgehall was jailed for five years and six months.