Jacksons excitment at Haydock Park show

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Few groups are able to survive the loss of their leader, particularly the biggest star in pop history, Michael Jackson.

So when The Jacksons dedicated a moving tribute to him at Glastonbury Festival with their classic songs I’ll Be There and Gone Too Soon, it proved a poignant moment as America’s most famous family group gather together this summer to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Jermaine Jackson, speaking exclusively to the St Helens Reporter ahead of The Jacksons open air show at Haydock Park, on Friday, said: “That was a very special thing, I would love to continue to do that.

“It’s just keeping him with us as we were the Jackson 5 together and they were incredibly special times for everybody in the family.

“As for Michael’s part when we play we find ourselves still there in the moment on certain songs when he’d jump up to the microphone and sing.

“It’s like it has been programmed in our bodies to move aside because here he comes. It’s part of our DNA I suppose.

“We were kind of born on stage, it’s home for us no matter where it is.”

Michael Jackson went from boy wonder to global superstar but his death eight years ago stunned his family and the world.

Another of the Jackson siblings, Marlon said: “Michael never left the group. Our brother went solo and produced some of the best pop music the world has ever heard, and one of the biggest selling LPs of all time, Thriller.

“My nephew was actually the one who showed Michael the Moonwalk.

“He was about 10 or 12 and he was over at our house. Michael saw him do it and said: “What is that? After that, Jeffrey Daniel of Shalamar taught him.”

The five brothers from Gary, Indiana, then known as the Jackson 5, shot to fame in the 1970s, their brilliant musical talents and dance routines providing the launching pad for Michael Jackson’s extraordinary pop career.

Jermaine added: “We started very young and it has been a long stretch, but we still have that zest and desire to be on stage and the music, a new song or a new melody, is still what gets us excited. Our greatest moment is before we hit the stage.

“We are in the dressing room and I look around at the brothers and I say to myself we have been doing this since we were kids but there is a feeling that you can’t wait to get out there and do what you do for the fans.”

Incredibly, their combined total sales place them just below The Beatles and Elvis Presley in the all-time best-seller rankings.

Their massive hits, ABC, I Want You Back, Never Can Say Goodbye and I’ll Be There are listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tunes that shaped music in the 20th century.

“Because we are doing the 50 years show I think that is the hardest part what to songs to play and what not to play,” said Jermaine.

“But we’ve always enjoyed coming to the UK, we’ve so many beautiful memories here.

“It’s going to be exciting to play Haydock Park coming to the north of England will be special.”

For tickets contact 0344 579 3006 or haydock.thejockeyclub.co.uk