Is that it? Dodgy landlord let off with £275 fine

Councillor Andy Bowden is disappointed with the fine given to landlord Robert Essex
Councillor Andy Bowden is disappointed with the fine given to landlord Robert Essex

A LANDLORD escaped with a meagre £275 fine despite leaving his tenants to live deathtrap homes.

Shocked council officials found both properties - which had children living in them - had hazardous electrics.

At one of the house, they discovered a concrete fence panel which was in danger of toppling over.

Tenants children were also left exposed to electrical elements while leaking gutters causes pathways to be slippery.

Despite a warning from town hall officials, landlord Robert Essex refused to make repairs to either property.

The neglected properties are in Pond Green Way and Meadow Lane, both in Parr.

Council chiefs have hit out at the puny fine levelled at Essex, who is from Southport.

He admitted two counts of non-compliance with improvement notices and was found guilty of a four level five office of non-compliance with Housing Act Improvement Notice.

Councillor Andy Bowden, cabinet member for Urban Regeneration and Housing, (pictured) said: “The council is keen to work in partnership to ensure standards are achieved but we will not hesitate to use our powers under the Housing Act against those negligent landlords who put profit above safety.

“I am disappointed that the level of fine in this case does not reflect the poor conditions and poor management that existed.”

Essex is still to undertake the works and a council spokeswoman said officials would take further enforcement action as necessary to ensure this is the case.

The council stressed it would continue to take action against landlords who rent out poorly maintained homes.