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Emma Marlowe, 10, with her mum Mandy, dad Wayne, sister Laura, 13, fellow pupils and teachers
Emma Marlowe, 10, with her mum Mandy, dad Wayne, sister Laura, 13, fellow pupils and teachers
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YOUNG cancer battler Emma Marlowe took time out from her treatment to hold an art sale at her primary school to raise precious funds for the charity which is closest to her heart.

The selfless 10-year-old, a pupil at Whiston Willis Primary School, was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma in October 2011 but is now close to the end of her gruelling two-year course of treatment.

So she decided to arrange an art sale to raise funds for Make A Wish - a charity which arranged for her to spend three days living the high-life of a fashion designer in London.

Her mum, Mandy, said: “We’re so proud of Emma. She’s had some pretty intensive treatment at Alder Hey over the last 18 months but has been really tough. She just keeps bouncing back.

“The art sale was all her idea. She had a wonderful time in London thanks to Make A Wish and this was her way of giving something back. She raised more than £175 on the day.

“The trip down to London was just what she needed too. It helped take her mind off things for a few days.”

Make A Wish arranged for Emma to visit the design section of childrens department at Marks and Spencer before being styled by Disney Channel stylist Electra Formosa.

To say “thank you” Emma joined forces with her Whiston Willis classmates to create works of art before selling them off in the school hall.

She was joined at the art sale by her mum Mandy, dad Wayne and sister Laura, 13.

Mandy Marlowe added: “Emma has been gone through a year of intensive treatment and over six months of maintenance treatment now and has only been able to go in to school when she feels well enough.

“What she has been through would be hard for an adult to take - never mind a child. She’s basically missed out on two years of a normal childhood.”

Whiston Willis headteacher Susan Goulding said: “Emma has been through a lot but she’s a little fighter. She came in to school just to do her Sats this year in between all the hospital visits.

“She’s doing really well and is a lovely little girl. The art sale was a lovely gesture too. Whatever we can do to raise a bit of money for such a worthy charity can only be worthwhile.”