Iconic St Helens band Snatch-Back reform for West Fest

Snatch-Back are reforming for West Fest
Snatch-Back are reforming for West Fest

The iconic 1970s St Helens rock band Snatch-Back are back and are set to play the town’s West Fest.

The band sold out the Theatre Royal several times during their 1979 pomp but split up in the mid 80s.

Guitarist Ste Byatt

Guitarist Ste Byatt

Band member Ste Byatt said: “We couldn't resist reforming for West Fest. We're proud that fans still love our music and our 1979 single, Eastern Lady is so collectable, selling for over £100.

“Paul Griffiths is fantastic for organising Westfield Street Festival so we're celebrating by playing live for the first time in 30 years and releasing

our new CD at the Zoo Bar June 5, 3.30pm.”

The band have a rich and colourful history and their 1979 single is now a collectors item worth more than £100.

“We played started by playing at the Capital cinema supporting a Rory Gallagher and Status Quo films,” said Ste.

“We then organised local gigs playing our original rock music and were soon regularly selling out Haresfinch Social club and St Helens Theatre Royal as well as touring

the UK.

“This was amazing because, although we had several albums of material, we never released an LP.

“We split up in mid 1980s but have been since featured in The Malc MacMillan Encylopedia of New Wave British Heavy Metal and under pressure from local and international fans to reform, Paul offered us a major slot to play the Westfield Street Festival June 5 at 3.30pm so we couldn’t resist.

“We’ve also recorded a new CD.

Snatch-Back can be found on Facebook and www.snatch-back-co.uk

The band are: Ste Byatt (guitar); John Cowley (vocals), Steve Platt (drums), and Ian Wood (bass).