‘I scooped the lottery with my birthday cash’

Lotto winner Anthony Unsworth celebrates his win in St Helens.
Lotto winner Anthony Unsworth celebrates his win in St Helens.

A LUCKY St Helens man scooped more than £100,000 after buying a Lotto ticket with his birthday money.

Anthony Unsworth initially thought he had won several hundred pounds after a shop assistant told him his prize was too big for them to pay out.

It wasn’t until the 37-year-old dialled the hotline number on the back of his ticket that he realised he had won a staggering £113,879.

Mr Unsworth, a deputy manager at a supermarket, said: “As it was a big EuroMillions draw, I thought I’d spend the £10 I’d been given by a friend on tickets. I was feeling lucky because it was my birthday so I also put four lines on the Lotto.

“I took my mum shopping the day after the draw and checked my tickets in the store. I didn’t think I would have won anything!”

Amazingly, Mr Unsworth matched five main numbers and the bonus ball in the draw on Saturday, June 8. His winning numbers were 8, 9, 13, 41, 43 and the bonus ball, 14.

He added: “The shop assistant told me I had won and I was expecting it to just be £10. Then she said I’d won more than they could pay out and she thought it was about £1,700. I couldn’t believe it. I was delighted.

“I rushed home to call the hotline number only to be told that I hadn’t won that amount – and my heart sank.

“But the lady then said I had scooped an even bigger prize. I just went silent. I was stunned when she told me the amount. The news is still sinking in.”

Mr Unsworth, who had purchased his Lotto ticket from the Cook’s off licence in Bank Street, Golborne, is now planning to buy a new apartment. He also plans to treat his mum to a holiday to Turkey.