‘I refused to leave my pal to die’

Guardsman Christopher Davies with partner Emma
Guardsman Christopher Davies with partner Emma

THE girlfriend of hero St Helens soldier Christopher Davies told how she felt comforted by the brave efforts of his army pals to protect him during his final moments.

An inquest heard yesterday how Guardsman Davies’ colleague, Lee Collins, refused to leave his pal’s side in the heat of an Afghan battlefield - despite being under heavy fire from Taliban insurgents.

Guardsman Collins, who also served in Iraq alongside Guardsman Davies’ brother, John, told how he dragged Guardsman Davies - who had been fatally wounded - into an area of cover and held him in his arms as the 22-year-old’s life slowly ebbed away.

Poignantly, he then remained at the ex De La Salle pupil’s side as he engaged the enemy amidst a fierce fire-fight.

Speaking after the hearing, Emma Johnson, the mother of Guardsman Davies’ beloved seven-year-old daughter, Lucy, said: “I liked listening to Guardsman Collins’ evidence. I was just so pleased that Chris wasn’t on his own.”