I’m standing up to ‘sinister’ gang

Janice Parr outside her mome in Reginald Road, Sutton.
Janice Parr outside her mome in Reginald Road, Sutton.

A ST Helens pensioner has told how she is being hounded by a gang who are pelting her home with stones, writes Chris Amery.

Janice Parr fears her tormentors will eventually causes a serious injury to either herself or a passer-by unless they are caught.

Her ordeal began in early December when yobs started lobbing pebbles at the roof of her Reginald Road home in Sutton.

And in a sinister development, the 64-year-old found a pile of BRICKS in her front garden when she returned from a shopping trip.

Ms Parr (pictured) said: “I couldn’t believe it when people were throwing stones at my house. Some of them were big pebbles too.

“Then, that Saturday, there was a pile of bricks and stones in my yard when I got home from the shops, as well as more stones on my roof. It’s happened again at least once more since then too.

“I’ve got my suspicions about who the culprits might be and have reported each incident to the police. But whoever is doing this needs to stop. They could kill somebody.”

It’s not the first time Ms Parr has stood up to criminals. Three years ago she fought off a man who tried to force his way into home.

She added: “At first I thought he was the village idiot, but he then pulled a mask down over his face and put a knife to my throat.

“I struggled with him for about 20 minutes before he eventually ran off. I thought I had stopped him from stealing anything from me but realised the next day that two chains had been stolen.”

Witnesses can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.