‘I know Ronnie well, and there was no way I was letting him die’

PSD Motors garage boss Phil Wilson who brought customer Ronnie Lyon back to life when he suffered a heart attack
PSD Motors garage boss Phil Wilson who brought customer Ronnie Lyon back to life when he suffered a heart attack
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A St Helens garage boss became a lifesaver when a customer suffered a massive heart attack during an MOT.

Phil Wilson immediately noticed something was wrong when trade customer Ronnie Lyon inadvertently kept his foot on the accelerator during a vehicle test last Tuesday (December 2).

But the PSD Motors boss raced to the rescue – performing CPR on his pal and bringing him spluttering back to life.

He said: “Ronnie brings all his MOTs to us and was in the car helping me with one at the time. I was just asking him to do certain things, like rev the engine.

“All of a sudden he jammed his foot on the accelerator. I called him twice and quickly realised there was a problem. When I looked in the car he was leaning over to one side and had obviously gone.

“I opened the door and quickly turned the engine off. He wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse so I called 999 and the lady I spoke to talked me through CPR and how to go about doing mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions. She was absolutely brilliant. Luckily he came round while I was doing that. I know Ronnie quite well – there was no way I was going to let him go.

“It probably only took a couple of minutes but it felt like it took all day. I was so relieved when he came to. I was just on auto pilot – it was as if it wasn’t even me doing it.”

Phil, 51, immediately told the 999 call-handler when Mr Lyon suddenly showed signs of life and she told him to keep up the CPR and tell her every time he gasped again.

Moments later rapid response paramedics arrived at the Wharton Street garage and Phil was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The ambulance crews told him “well done” and hailed him a lifesaver.

Mr Lyon, of Rainhill, who is in his 60s, was still in hospital this week but Phil says his pal is now on the mend.

He added: “I felt a bit down afterwards because of the shock of it all and the thought of what might have happened.

“But Ronnie then called me from hospital a couple of days later – I couldn’t believe it. That made me feel much better.

“He couldn’t remember anything about what had happened but just thanked me and joked ‘I hope you didn’t kiss me!’

“His family were very grateful and all my friends and family think what I did was brilliant, but, to be honest, I don’t think I did anything more than anyone else would do in that situation.”