Hundreds of stolen power tools left unclaimed

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  • Detectives staged open day to find owners of nicked tools
  • Police suspect tradesmen from across the region are victims
  • ‘Aladdin’s cave of stolen goods helps hundreds of victims

Detectives say hundreds of tools displayed in an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of stolen goods remain unclaimed.

The haul includes expensive drills, jig saws, chops saws and whizzers seized by officers from a house in St Helens town centre.

This really has been a difficult task due to the sheer number of items we have found at this one house in St Helens

DC Jeff Huxley

An open day staged last month by police in a bid to reunite the stolen items has so far failed to find the rightful owner of hundreds of items.

DC Jeff Huxley, who has already reunited an Apple Mac with its rightful owner in Liverpool and some electrical testing kit with a utilities company in Berkshire, said the task had been a laborious one.

He said: “This really has been a difficult task due to the sheer number of items we have found at this one house in St Helens.

“The officers who searched the property found tool boxes and equipment everywhere and spent seven hours documenting everything.

“The investigating was passed to CID and I have spent the past few months painstakingly trying to identify who each item originally belonged to.

“We have had some successes where things have been security marked, which is something we always advise you do, and the open day was worthwhile.

“But there are still many people out there, largely tradesmen, who have yet to come forward. Although the goods were seized in St Helens, they may have been stolen from elsewhere in the North-west.

“I suspect that most of them will belong to electrician and plumbers but could in theory belong to a whole range of tradesmen. My message to them is that if you have had things stolen from a works van in the months leading up to last December in St Helens or the surrounding area, email me with information about any distinctive features or markings and we will look to get them back to you.”

A 51-year-old man arrested on suspicion of theft has been released on police bail until next month.