Huge 16th century pottery haul found in Rainford

Rainford pottery display
Rainford pottery display
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THERE’S definitely more than meets the eye around Rainford.

Just a fortnight after a find on Fir Tree Farm was confirmed as a Bronze Age axe-head, it has emerged that a stunning collection of 16th century pottery has also been unearthed in the village.

Ray Waring, Reeds Brow, Rainford

Ray Waring, Reeds Brow, Rainford

Local historian Ron Dagnall asked for permission to excavate the back garden of a home on Church Road after learning that an age-old jug had been found there.

But the 78-year-old, along with archaeologists from National Museums Liverpool and the Merseyside Archaeological Society, was taken aback by the horde of late 16th century glazed earthenware vessels they found.

He said: “We were all over the moon. We knew that pottery had been made in this area in the 1620s and 1630s but this collection has been dated back to as early as 1580.

“We just dug a trench down about a metre deep and there they were.

Mr Dagnall is now backing fellow local historian Ray Waring’s (pictured) mission to create a Rainford Heritage Centre. And a bid has also been submitted for a Heritage Lottery grant to excavate more pockets of the village.

He added: “Rainford already ranks very high in the North West for the manufacture of clay tobacco pipes and this excavation has already raised its position regarding pottery, so we must maintain this reputation.”