How will scrapped green waste collections affect me?

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Free garden waste collection by the council has been scrapped ... here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the move to paid-for recycling services in St Helens.

Q. Can I share a bin with a neighbour?

A. Yes. It’s a good way of lowering the cost to yourself, particularly if you only have a small garden and not much green waste. The bin will be charged to one household and must be collected from that property.

Q. Will the council collect my unwanted green bin if I don’t subscribe?

A. Yes – please contact the Contact Centre towards the end of November 2017 to arrange for your green bin collected over the winter break. Until then they can be used as storage or as an eco-friendly water butt, storing water for your garden.

Q. My house has not previously been covered by garden waste collection routes, will it be covered now?

A. Yes, under the new charged scheme, the council will collect from residences not previously covered.

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