How to vote (and other interesting facts!)

Police officers stand outside a polling station
Police officers stand outside a polling station
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Today’s the big day ... and the voting can finally begin.

But there’s (slightly) more to voting than simply putting a cross next to your preferred candidate.

Here’s our brief rundown of some lesser known facts about election day:

If you haven’t registered to vote (including by post or proxy - except an emergency proxy, see below), it’s too late. Check to see if you are registered at

You should have received a polling card with your details, polling number and your polling station location.

You don’t need the polling card when you go to vote, they will ask for your name and address to check you are registered.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

Find your polling station using your postcode at the About My Vote website.

You can take your pet with you.

Polling station staff cannot refuse a voter if they are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

You cannot discuss politics inside the polling station, or wear a party rosette - unless you are a candidate.

You can apply to vote by emergency proxy up until 5pm on election day for medical reasons or if your job or service means that you cannot make it to your polling station in person, more details on the About My Vote website.

It is against the law to reveal how someone else has voted, so be careful on social media.

Keep up to date with today’s election on our live stream here