Housing boom time

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ST Helens is experiencing a boom in house building, new figures show.

More homes have been constructed in the borough over the past 12 months than any other year.

During the 2011/12 financial year, 400 properties were built with a further 213 under construction, compared to 157 in the previous year.

And council chiefs reckons this upsurge will ripple out to the rest of the local economy.

Deputy council leader Barrie Grunewald said: “The results are much better than expected and exceeds last years figures by 262.

“I am also delighted that half of them are affordable housing giving first home seekers a foot on the housing ladder.

“This clearly shows that St Helens is a council that works with developers to get things done.

“The council is continuing to work closely with developers to source new national and local funding to assist them to get on site and build more houses to provide local residents with more and a better choice of housing.” The best performing site was Ratcliffe Park (formerly Warburton Hey) in Rainhill, where 110 units were built in one year, including 93 affordable units.

Waterside Village (former Lea Green Colliery) continues to deliver high completions, with 43 delivered this year (36 last year).

Two important sites have yielded their first completions - 24 at Vulcan Village and 25 at Cunningham Grange (former Saints Ground on Knowsley Road).

Eccleston Grange (formerly The Triplex site), Laurel Avenue (Wargrave) and New Street sites have now started construction.