Heroin needles discarded behind town centre bar

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These shocking images show needles and other drug paraphernalia left discarded in a town centre street in St Helens.

St Helens Reporter reader Joanna Marie captured the image at the back of Lillies bar on Westfield Street.

The picture was sent in by reader Joanne Marie

The picture was sent in by reader Joanne Marie

She branded the scene behind the popular town centre nightspot “disgusting” and called for more to be done to ensure such hazardous items are removed promptly from the streets.

The Reporter brought the matter to the attention of St Helens Council, who encouraged members of the public to report discarded drug needles.

“The council encourages residents to contact us about littered drug paraphernalia and will always take swift action to clear away all dangerous items in public places,” said the spokesman.

“We will also ensure that discarded sharps on private land are removed where these pose a risk to public health.

“However, we cannot act if we are not made aware. Residents should contact us about drug paraphernalia including needles through the Contact Centre on 01744 676789 or via our website at www.sthelens.gov.uk/report-a-problem.”