Help at hand to make changes

Knowsley's director of public health Matthew Ashton
Knowsley's director of public health Matthew Ashton
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Residents in Knowsley are being encouraged to make a New Year’s resolution to sign up to the latest Change4Life campaign.

The new campaign will be launched in January in a bid to help families switch to healthier food options.

Those who register will be encouraged to make one easy, healthy swap every day for a month.

For instance, this could be as simple as a family switching from butter to margarine or full sugar fizzy drinks to diet varieties or 100% unsweetened fruit juice.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley said: “A new year is the perfect time to think about making a change for life. Everyone is health conscious in January, and the new healthy eating campaign suggests lots of ways to switch to healthier foods.

“There’s also a helpful ‘Taster Recipes’ leaflet, packed full of tasty dishes which are simple and easy to make.

“The campaign is all about helping us to make good choices about what we put in our bodies each day which can help prevent diseases.”