Heartless conman targeted pensioner with jacket scam

A HEARTLESS conman tricked a pensioner into forking out £300 for five fake designer leather jackets.

The daughter of the 87-year-old victim told how her father was targeted last week while on his way back from the shops on Main Street, Billinge.

She told the Reporter: “A car stopped next to my dad as he walked back from the shops and the driver asked him for directions to Wigan.

“But, after my dad told him the way, the driver then said that he had just been to a trade fair and asked if he wanted to buy any designer jackets.

“My dad said he didn’t but the driver then persuaded him to get in the car and got him to withdraw £300 from his bank account in exchange for five fake leather jackets.

“Of course, when my dad got home he realised that they were plastic jackets - not leather - and it was a scam.

“But I feel as if my dad was intimidated into doing this. He’s so upset, because it’s not the sort of thing he would normally do.”

The victim’s daughter, 58, has since reported the incident to consumer direct, trading standards and the region’s action fraud team.

She added: “I want to issue a warning to other people that this conman is operating in our area. My dad is so distressed about this that he hasn’t slept since.

“I’m so angry that my dad has been targeted - especially because of his age. It’s appalling.

“My dad is normally a very careful person, particularly with money, so this conman must have used every trick in the book to manipulate him and must have been very persuasive. He made out to my dad that he was doing him a favour.

“My dad’s been trying to keep himself busy since it happened to take his mind off it, but he’s struggling to move on. It’s affecting my mum too.

“I just hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”