St Helens police officers hailed for saving heart attack victim

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Police officers in St Helens have been hailed for coming to the aid of a woman who collapsed outside St Helens police station.

Thomas Hawkes spoke out after his wife Jeanette suffered a heart attack.

The couple were passing St Helens police station when Jeanette was taken ill and Mr Hawkes dashed into the station and raised the alarm.

Police officer John Price and enquiry officer Fiona Shorthouse immediately reacted and realised that Jeanette was losing consciousness. They then started to apply CPR whilst they awaited medical assistance.

They were then joined by a CRG Medical Services medical examiner Dr Anthony Akpotabore who utilised a defibrillator on her in order to try and stabilise her condition. All three were able to keep her alive until an ambulance arrived.

Jeanette was taken to Whiston Hospital where she suffered a further two heart attacks but the medical staff were able to save her.

Mrs Hawkes has subsequently had a pacemaker fitted that has an inbuilt defibrillator and is on the road to recovery.

Mr Hawkes said: “The officers and doctor were wonderful. They came to help so quickly and Jeanette would have died without their actions. I hear so many negative things about the police but I have only praise for them.

“We would not be celebrating Christmas this year without them. They are super heroes. They went above and beyond what is expected and changed our lives.”

Gary Holland, operations Director of CRG Medical Services who employs Dr Akpotabore, said: “CRG are proud of Dr Akpotabore’s actions on the day which reflected our close working relationship with Merseyside Police.”

Dr Akpotabore added: “She was destined to live as the timing of my arrival at the scene was just perfect. I am so pleased for her and her husband. This news just made my day.”

Chief Constable Andy Cooke went on: “We are naturally very proud of our officers and what they achieved. Their actions saved Mrs Hawkes’ life. They remained calm and professional in very difficult circumstances and they are an absolute credit to the force.

“Police are on the front line every day protecting our communities and this incident serves as a reminder of the challenges that police officers face to keep us all safe day in, day out.”